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Hily Dating App: Meet New People & Enjoy streaming

Admin 10 Th3, 2021

Hily Dating App is made to help you connect with new people, start meaningful relationships and make friends. With more than 19 million users worldwide, we make it easy to meet someone new and find local dates.

Hily Dating App: Meet New People & Enjoy streaming Free

Streaming and dating have never been so easy. Find your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend and form meaningful connections wherever you are!

User comment:

Its a cool app especially compared to others. I would give 5 stars but it glitched saying i needed to verify before i could continue using the app but when i took the verification picture it still wouldnt let me use the app anymore.

Ruby Skyes – ★★★★★

I use VPN services and my location on my profile is stuck in wrong country. Please fix this issue. Thank you kindly and I will come back and give it a 5 star.

Vlad Impaler –★★★★★

You know, this could be a good app if they weren’t trying to get like $25 a week to actually use the app. This is seriously insane. Pay to view the people who liked you, pay to basically talk, pay to pop up got more people which may not even actually happen, why not charge me to open the app Or charge to download it while you’re at it?
Breon Jamison – ★★★★★

Features of Hily Dating App

1 – Compatibility Quiz – created by top American psychologists, the Quiz takes into account numerous factors about your personality to find best and most relevant matches.

2 – Live Support – Feel free to text our support team if you have any questions or concerns, we are always here in the Messages tab.

3 – Security – all users pass handpicked moderation and profile verification.

You might think: “There are plenty of dating apps, so why is Hily ‘the one’?” Glad you asked.
– Good old dating — meet single people and form meaningful connections with them
– Stream your heart out — express yourself, find like-minded people, and make new friends
– Find your soul-streamer-mate — it’s the best way to meet someone who’s perfect for you