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Internet Speed Test SPEEDCHECK

Admin 3 Th5, 2021

Use Speedcheck to easily run an internet speed test and measure your internet performance by taking a free cellular or wifi speed test. The automatic check feature even gives you the ability to schedule periodic speed tests to monitor your internet speed continually.

User Reviews:

App works well. Speeds are consistent with other testing apps I’ve used. Denied access to my phone so it only checks the Wi-Fi which is all I wanted to do.

Mike McCombs – ★★★★★

This tool will test your connection speed, upload speed and % of your wifi consistency its free to try. It has lots of needed features and capabilities. I’m glad I got it

Steven Kowal – ★★★★★

Exceptionally Amazing . Loved how accurate it was nu best wifi speed test. Remember dont trust your broadband could be fake speeds to make money especially virgin media

Pranay – ★★★★★

Features of the application Internet Speed Test SPEEDCHECK

  • * Test your download and upload speed and latency (ping)
    * LTE speed test: Check the speed of your mobile carrier
    * WiFi speed test: Analyze the internet speed of your WiFi hotspot, your net, and ISP
    * Schedule automatic checks to monitor your connection over time, for example, if you are experiencing issues around a certain time of day you can schedule a speed check to run multiple tests during this particular time window.
    * Check and verify if your internet service provider is delivering on its service promise
    * Keep track of all your past speed tests and measurements with our intuitive test history along with detailed overviews for every test taken.
    * We make it easy for you to share your tests with your friends and followers on social media with a custom image for each speed test

Download the free Speedcheck app for the best, easiest and most reliable way to run an internet speed test and monitor network connection quality and performance for all your internet connections.