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Admin 22 Th2, 2021

Japanese dictionary Mazii – The best Japanese dictionary offline free App for you

Japanese Dictionary & Translation Mazii App

Mazii Japanese dictionary is free and designed simple but very adequate for people learning Japanese. Mazii Dict will be your best friend for you to learn Japanese effectively.

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User’s comment

really good app! It’s been such a useful tool throughout my learning process! There is the occasional ad, but apart from that, it’s perfect!
Alorah Babicz – ★★★★★
good dictionary. expensive to unlock all features and disable ads. however, it is worth paying the price.
Leo Rao – ★★★★★
I mean what more should you expect from a high rated dictionary? It is used for its purpose and has other side items. Just get it.
Isabel Tuffling – ★★★★★

Mazii Japanese dictionary and translation includes: (Currently supporting 7 languages)
– English Japanese dictionary
– Vietnamese Japanese dictionary
– Chinese Japanese dictionary
– Korean Japanese dictionary
– Indonesian Japanese dictionary
– French Japanese dictionary
– Filipino Japanese dictionary

Key Japanese Dictionary & Translation Mazii features:

– Look up words in the Japanese language, English, Romanji, hiragana offline
– Pronounce online, Romanji and hiragana
– Look kanji with stroke, handwriting
– Learn to write kanji, demonstrates how to write a kanji
– JLPT N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, kanji, vocabulary
– Practice reading newspaper: with selected articles each day, using the same fast service features help you read Japanese newspapers easier.
– Highlight and organize your vocabulary effectively
– Flashcard, practicing vocabulary, kanji flashcard method for remembering simpler.