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miMind – Easy Mind Mapping

Admin 31 Th5, 2021

miMind is a powerful tool for organizing your thoughts, laying out schemes, and sharing them with your friends and co-workers.

miMind – Easy Mind Mapping App Free

Develop anything from simple bucket lists to professional engineering concepts. The app includes dozens of layouts, color schemes, shapes, patterns, and much more. Once your map is complete you can also share or export it to an image, PDF, text or XML file.

User Reviews:

I was making a god web and man was it confusing at first. After learning what everything did on the free version it was pretty simple and fun to use. Only thing that truly sucks was I made this to be shared, /including/ the little notes attatched to each ‘node’. Why should I pay money to have that little detail added? The rest of the ‘pay to access’ details are pretty worthless.

Katiee Luv – ★★★★★

I find this app awesome. I am able to interlink concept in a very fantasy manner. Very easy to use, high graphics and more visually clear

Jamal Ahmad – ★★★★★

Absolutely awesome app. I can’t believe how quick/flawlessly this thing operates. I love the color options and the quick and easy changes you can make. It’s still relatively new so I imagine there’s going to be some improvements on a few things I would like to see, but if this is where they’re starting out, I can’t wait to see where it goes. It didn’t take me long at all to decide to upgrade. Totally worth it too. I’m really glad they offer the option for a lifetime upgrade.

Jon R – ★★★★★


Features of miMind app – Easy Mind Mapping

  • user friendly, intuitive, easy to use/navigate, and unique interfaces,
  • simple, flexible, smart phone and tablet-optimized UI.
  • export to many formats: images (jpeg/jpg, png, tga, bmp/bitmap), pdf, text, xml files
  • no ads/advertisements, no sign-up required
  • multi-level, logical, hierarchical frameworks, many layout schemes
  • rich text formatting
  • lines and curves, shapes (square, rectangle, oval, circle, hexagon, cloud, octagon, etc.)
  • backup to online storage such as google drive, dropbox
  • import from cloud storage
  • copy paste, duplicate, detach reattach nodes
  • undo redo, collapse expand, zoom scroll, crop rotate, drag-n-drop
  • auto-save on exit
  • Freemind file type import