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Niagara Launcher – fresh & clean

Admin 29 Th3, 2021

The traditional home screen we know was made more than a decade ago, where phone screens were smaller than your credit card. Smartphones keep growing, but not your fingers. The minimalist Niagara Launcher makes everything accessible with one hand and lets you focus on what matters.

Niagara Launcher – fresh & clean App

User comments:

Developers, take notice – this is how a phone launcher should be done. Doesn’t clutter your home screen, and accessing your less frequently used apps could not be faster. Being ambidextrous friendly is a massive plus. Also, the developer is super responsive and his blog posts are a great read. Can’t see myself changing to another launcher, ever.

Kyle Drayton – ★★★★★

《 Best launcher on the Market, sadly most users don’t know how to take full advantage of its capabilities and always ask how you did this how you did that, yet the customization is endless with suites of other apps working in Tandem. If you don’t know what Tasker is and how to make Google respond to custom phrases like EYYO BIT , then I doubt you’ll be able to take full advantage (’-’*)♪ 》
Justin Brown – ★★★★★
FINALLY, found a launcher app that does everything I’ve wanted and then some!! I ❤️ the streamlined design that shows my core apps that I use all the time, at the same time allows me at a press of a letter, all my other apps. Paying the lifetime subscription was a no brainer as it allows me features that none of my previous launcher apps offered.

Jason Larson – ★★★★★


Features of the Niagara Launcher application

  • ✋ Ergonomic efficiency · Access everything with one hand – no matter how big your phone is.
  • 🌊 Adaptive list
  • 🏄‍♀ Wave alphabet · Efficiently reach every app without even having to open an app drawer.
    💬 Embedded notifications · Not just notification dots: Read and respond to notifications right from your home screen.
  • 🎯 Stay focused · The streamlined and minimalist design declutters your home screen, reduces distractions, and is super easy to use.
  • ⛔ Ad-free · Ads on a minimalist launcher to declutter doesn’t make sense. Even the free version is also completely ad-free.
  • ⚡ Lightweight & lightning fast · Being minimalist and fluid are two of the most important aspects of Niagara Launcher.
  • ✨ Declutter your home screen · Hide all pre-installed bloatware and rarely used apps to focus on your relevant apps.
  • 🦄 Personalize your home screen
  • 🏃 Active development & great community