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Admin 1 Th7, 2021

Unlock your creative potential! Discover how to easily turn any Sun, Moon and Milky Way scene you imagine into a real picture… and start shooting truly legendary photos every time you pick up the camera!

PhotoPills App Free

User reviews:

Love this app. Yes it’s expensive up front but the team so such a great job at ongoing tutorials and learning how to use the features of the app. Essential part of any photographers toolkit

Neil Banek – ★★★★★

Just beyond belief how more exciting this app makes photography. It fits beautifully into my new workflow, makes me consider all the aspects and converted me from a snapper to a photographer. For less than a packet of cigarettes this app is superb and the Photopills lectures are excellent. Couldn’t rate it more highly.
Keith Alabaster – ★★★★★
Are you looking for a way to up your photography game? This is it. This app gives you all the tools to make your photo ideas a reality. There’s a steep learning curve, but the team puts a plethora of info online about how to use the app. Along with that, they post step-by-step guides on how to plan pictures, as well as general photography tips. These people are dedicated to spreading knowledge about something they are passionate about. This app is worth every penny, and more.

David Tee – ★★★★★


Features of PhotoPills App

  • The First 2D Map-Centric Planner: Sun, Moon, Milky Way
  • Sun, Moon Alignments Fast Finder
  • 3D Augmented Reality: Sun, Moon, Milky Way, Celestial Equator, Polaris, DoF, FoV
    ** NOTE: The Augmented Reality views of this app make use of your device’s compass. Some devices may not have a compass.
  • Photo Plans Manager
  • Location Scouting Tool
  • Key information: Sunrise/set, Twilights, Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Moonrise/set, Supermoon dates, Moon Calendar
  • Calculators: Long Exposure, Timelapse, Spot Stars, Star Trails, Hyperfocal Table, DoF, FoV
  • Widgets: Sun, Moon, Milky Way
  • PhotoPills Awards… and much more!

Whether your passion is to capture beautiful landscapes, immortalize the infinite night sky, surprise the bride and the groom in their happiest day… or to travel the world, PhotoPills will make you love exploring new artistic possibilities to tell visual stories in a way it wasn’t possible before.