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Pocket Paint: draw and edit!

Admin 20 Th7, 2021

Pocket Paint is a drawing app that allows you to edit graphics, images, and photos, make parts transparent, zoom in up to single pixel level, and much more! Together with Catrobat’s app Pocket Code it also allows you to easily create animations, apps, and games directly on your smartphone!

Pocket Paint: draw and edit! App Free

User reviews:

Great app. Simple, effective, versatile. The best Android MSPaint Ive seen so far, with added colour pipette and layering options. Love it. My only wish’ld be the brush tip to be visible by eg a circle or a target cross. Bc when Im erasing lines-that-touch-an-object by way of brushing over those lines with a background-coloured brush, then I do not wish to touch the object itself – meaning I need a way to know till where the brush tip reaches. Also a select (+ copy/cut/paste) tool would be nice

Pooh Sanders – ★★★★★

Very good no-nonsense drawing app. I wish there was an image gallery option along with a way to disable anti-aliasing on brushes and the like. But yeah, no ads makes all the difference in the world.

BrochachoTheBro – ★★★★★

I like this app, because pocket paint like computer…And I want to share this app for everyone…😆👍🏻, it may be too simple, but it can also remind us of computers, of those without computers 😍👍🏻

Syaza Qalesya – ★★★★★


Features of the application Pocket Paint

  • Save images as .jpg (compressed), .png (lossless, with transparency), or .ora (keeping layer information)
  • Layers (including moving up and down or merging them)
  • Stickers from the Catrobat family images and more (only for this it accesses the internet)
  • Tools: brush, pipette, stamp, circle/ellipse, cropping, flipping, zooming, line tool, cursor, fill tool, rectangle, eraser, moving, rotation and much more!
  • Easy import of images and graphics
  • Full screen drawing
  • Color palette or RGBa values