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Admin 12 Th5, 2021

The Pose Tool uses state-of-the-art 3D Engine that allows you to pose organic figure models.
“Top 10 Must-Have Art App, Once you get a feel for it, Pose Tool 3D is a great little reference tool for digital artists. Pose Tool 3D is a great way for artists on the move to experiment with character poses.” – ImagineFx magazine #92

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User Reviews

When I first downloaded this app I was using 6 different pose apps for references. With the updates I was able to down my usage to only this and one more app. The only thing missing , for me to use this app exclusively for all my projects and studies would be if it had premade poses. Even if not necessary, being able to cut down time by having poses to choose from and edit them is a game changer and time saver. Other than that, totally recommend it. Best app out there for students and artists.

Milton Saturn – ★★★★★

I bought this when I was still in college and all the features have improved so so much! One of the best apps to help with drawing for sure.

マリース – ★★★★★

This the app to have if you’re a serious art student or illustrator. An excellent way to setup a quick pose and get all of the output needed for useful reference. Mannequins, silhouettes, perspective guide, muscle and bone landmarks, even major lines and gesture. I’ve read some critical reviews about lack of backgrounds, props, and other embellishments. All of that is clutter and cheap nonsense. What you need is great anatomical pose reference. This is it. Worth way more than 99 cents.

Tobias Steiner – ★★★★★

Features of the Pose Tool 3D application

  • – Easy Pose Buttons
    – Help Menu
    – Save Current Pose
    – Load Saved Pose
    – Center Figure
    – Perspective Grids
    – Camera FOV for Perspective
    – 6 Males Figures
    – 6 Female Figures
    – Reset Figure to T-Pose
    – Take Screenshot
    – Randome Pose Maker
    – Hide Menu Icon
    – 3 Point lighting System
    – Muscle Maps Mode
    – Mannequin Mode
    – Black Mode
    – Pencil Sketch Mode
    – Pencil Sketch + Mannequin Mode
    – Pencil Sketch + Skeleton Mode
    – Comic Sketch Mode
    – Comic Sketch + Skeleton Mode
    – Skeleton Mode
    – Skeleton Sketch Mode
    – Life Drawing Mode Mono
    – Life Drawing Mode Color
    – Cube Mode
    – Gesture System Mode
    – Average Male/Female body type
    – Heavy Male/Female body type
    – Old Male/Female body type
    – Skinny Male/Female body type
    – Muscular Male/Female body type
    – Mannequin Male/Female body type
    – Lock Camera Mode
    – Camera Lucida Mode

And many other interesting features….