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Admin 7 Th6, 2021

LEARN LANGUAGES FAST: uTalk gets results because every word you hear is in your new language and you speak, listen and understand from the start.

With free starter words in 140+ languages, you can try it risk-free. Score 100% in the games and you can unlock an extra topic for free.

uTalk – Learn Any Language App Free

User reviews:

uTalk is fantastic! This app offers features that other language apps do not. In conjunction with another app that I use which focuses more on grammar and verb conjugation, I receive well-rounded Spanish lessons. If you took a language in school, uTalk is most comparible to the language lab aspect of that class. My kids love the voice features and game-like format. At times, the other app tends to become redundant, but with uTalk in the mix, they are having fun while learning Spanish!

Jill Hernandez – ★★★★★

Love love love this app. Super helpful and easy to use.

Aminath Suma – ★★★★★

Great app. Very clear speaking, with record and play back option. Their Customer Service Team is amazing aswell ..the app will need to download the language course sections to support the functionality, but you can clear each section to avoid taking up too much memory. Got this for my son to support his Spanish at school. Nothing not to like..Even the price is great ! 😉

Martin Auckland – ★★★★★


Features of uTalk application – Learn Any Language

  • 1. Learn from the locals: We record native speakers so you can hear every word pronounced clearly. We then get you to mimic their pronunciation and compare your intonation with theirs. Practise until you get it right – you can even slow the audio down if it’s too fast.
  • 2. Crammed full of words: Useful everyday words and phrases. Topics, like Food and Drink, take around two to three hours to complete. But you can dip in for just five minutes at a time or longer. With 60+ topics, that’s a total of 180 hours of learning.
  • 3. Keeps you motivated: Check your scores on progress bars as you move through five progressively difficult games. To get full marks, you’ll have to know the words as well as your own language.